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Northern Cape


Vast desert landscapes and silence are abundant in the Northern Cape region of South Africa. Its only source of life and growth is the Orange River that has ensured the prosperity of small towns and villages along its banks.

Visit the ‘Big Hole’ in Kimberley where some of the biggest diamonds in the world were mined and travel down the lonely western coastline where fishing is a major revenue source. Gaze upon one of the finest sites in the world – the Namaqualand wild flowers. Endless expanses of colour and scent will please the senses of any traveller through these parts.


big_holeKimberley which is the capital of the Northern Cape, became the ‘diamond capital of the world’ when the largest and most spectacular diamonds were discovered here. But more than this, it is also home to the Augrabies Falls or ‘place of big noise’ that plunges over 60 metres. View the stone age artefacts that were left by early man and marvel at the mighty Nama people that inhabit this area and have adapted to these harsh conditions in a superb manner.


sheep-at-dawn The Eastern Region is a relentless landscape filled with wide open spaces, crisp air, brilliant night skies and prolific sheep farms. The traveller can enjoy the hospitality of the Great Karoo people and take in their stories of nature and its tempers.

The Orange River is flanked by a green agricultural belt as it nears the Atlantic Ocean. This area is known as the Western Region. Marvel the beauty of the Richtersveld with its colourful indigenous flora and jagged mountain peaks or just visit one of the small fishing villages that line the coast along the Benguela current.

Travellers to the Kalahari and Green Kalahari regions can experience the contrasting assets that both have to offer, with the arid Kalahari basin on one side and the lush green vineyards bearing magical fruits on the other.

The Karoo Region can be discovered by trekking through the vast open areas with a tour guide and learning about the hardy succulents and reptile species that are found here.