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Mpumalanga, otherwise known as ‘Paradise Country’ is situated in the Eastern Part of South Africa and offers tourists some of the most magnificent scenery in the world. See the Big Five up close in the Kruger National Park, treat your senses to the spectacular views from God’s Window, or pan for your own gold in the historical town of Pilgrim’s Rest. With numerous waterfalls, nature trails, bird viewing, fly fishing and ancient landmarks, you are sure to have an extraordinary holiday in this area of South Africa.


The city of Nelspruit is the capital of Mpumalanga and is popular due to its fruit harvests, tobacco and timber industries. These are all fed by the fertile Crocodile River valley in which the city is located. It is speckled with flea markets, farm stalls and modern shopping malls offering the visitor a huge array of authentic South African curios.


There are various regions in Mpumalanga that all radiate from the roads of Nelspruit.

13 Most popular are the Panorama Route, where you will find the Blyde River Canyon which is the third oldest of its kind in the world. Also found along this route is the Echo Caves where the South African tribes of the Pedi, Mapulane and Swazi tribes originated.

The Higlands Meander region is a popular hot air ballooning, rock climbing and paragliding spot.

The Eastern Region of Mpumalanga is called the ‘Wild Frontier’ and is home to the towns of Baberton, Komatipoort and Badplaas. The Mkonjwa mountains that are found here are some of the oldest in the world and hence the Wild Frontier os also known as the ‘Cradle of Life’.

The Lowveld Legogote region lies toward the south of Mpumalanga. Here the visitor will find the Sodwala Caves (one of the oldest in the world) as well as the town of White River, where the world famous ‘God’s Window’ can be found amongst a typical African Rainforest.

The Grass and Wetlands region is known as the ‘quiet’ region of Mpumalanga. Here one can induldge in unusual activities such as frogging expeditions and star gazing.