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Welcome to DSA: In Digital!

Discovering South Africa is just as its name suggests: it’s all about discovering our beautiful country, from places you know, to places you’ve either never heard of or never experienced, and so it becomes an adventure! With this in mind, we have branched out and embraced a new and exciting development in digital medie: digital magazine! Now DSA comes to you in this beautiful format. Each month we will profile towns, areas and the best kept secrets of our magnificent country and hopefully encourage you to pack your suitcases and take a journey with us.

The new issue will be out soon, so keep checking up on us. For now, read up on our featured article from our first issue.

Happy discovering!

The Discovering South Africa team

The Knysna Lagoon

For our first issue of DSA we focus on one of the most beautiful towns along the Garden Route: Knysna. This town has made a name for itself not only as a prime source of timber and fresh oysters, but also for its natural surrounding beauty, the people, the majestic and elusive forest elephants, and the relaxing lifestyle that it offers. Topping that we look at the art of oysters and wine in our Food and Wine section.

A pier on Durban

We take a little road trip down to and around the sub-tropical port city of Durban, home to the famous and snazzy Vodacom Durban July race, the Bunny Chow, sun kissed beaches and special people. We delve into what makes this city a bit different from other coastal cities, and we also sample the delicious world of Indian culinary delights. We dive into the depths of the warm Indian Ocean to uncover the truth about one of man’s most feared and misunderstood predators: the shark!